Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last month!

Here I am...37 weeks...maybe 3 more weeks to go. We'll see what Baby Beau has to say about that!

Still doing prenatal yoga. I love this class! I have been doing yoga since I was 18 weeks along. It is harder than you would think...or maybe I'm just pregnant and carrying a wee bit more weight to balance and hold in those lunges :)

Jake had me use Grandma Gerty's chair to go up the stairs at Nan and Bop's house. Trying to take it easy so I don't go into labor during Jake's finals the next 2 weeks!!

Here is my sweet mom sewing the bedskirt onto the crib. There were some extra poles and bolts, and she had to hand sew around them on her knees after the skirt was in place. She is amazing!!!

Jake and Granny Janny always working together. They make a pretty good team doing house projects :)'s done!!! Here are some pictures of Beau's room!

Didn't Mom did an AWESOME job on the crib bedding and curtains!?! I absolutely love it. I could not have bought something half this cute- thank you Mom!

This is my armoire- my first faux painting project!

Only your mom will add sweet touches like this on your bedskirt.

This is Beau- legged. He and Beau- dacious will share this room.

Here we are! It's hard to believe that there will be a BABY in that crib soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The 8 months pregnant adventures of Jake and Jamie

Wild and crazy adventures? Not so much! But Jake and I have been having a great time with our friends and family which can be sort of adventurous in a new parent kind of way!

We had some of Jake's buddies and their sweet wives from dental school over for some grilling and hanging out. Drew and Kristin, Nick and Ali, Dave and Rachel and us had a blast just hanging out in our cozy living room. We busted out the German beer steins- Jake likes to use these being that we carted them around Europe for 2 weeks on our backs! It was really fun to get to know the girls some time we get together we will bringing baby Beau!

Posing for all the girls to snap their picture. Thanks boys!

Jake's spring break activity: sitting around by our fire many times did we sit on our patio just relaxing? Can't count and so worth it. I'm pretty lucky to have a husband I can sit around with doing, well, not a whole lot, and we have so much fun!

Kate Potchad's Birthday Party- there's the birthday girl! Turning ONE already??

Patricia and I- I'm 34 and she's 36 weeks in this pic...she had her twins 1 week later!

All the new dads hanging out...yup, they're still just as cool :)

LOVING my shirt that Aunt Kate made for me!!!

Notice Jake's shirt...

Uncle Matt in the sweet, sometimes a little spooky to Kate, Emory and Landon bunny outfit. What a sport he was!

Opening day at the Royals game

Celebrating dad's birthday at our house complete with all his favorites: grilled marinated chicken kabobs, veggies, corn on the cob, french fries, bread, salad...and finishing it off with a cigar and cherry crisp! We sat outside for a few hours by the fire listening to the Brazilian Tommy Bahama CD we got him while he sang every song. He loved it.

Hanging out with my parents- they're pretty fun :)

Getting to see the twins for the first time- Ava Grace and John Carter!! Patricia is such a trooper- she went full term with those 2, and now is blessed with 2 healthy babies!

The babies next to their daddy...kinda look about the size of a football! He looks pretty proud:)

We are so excited that our little boy will have so many friends to grow up with here!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Forecast: Spring Showers bring May babies!!

Jake and I feel VERY blessed to have been given 3 showers by our friends and family here in Kansas City! We were overwhelmed with sweet thoughtful gifts for our little guy. Thank you to EVERYONE who supported us with love and gifts!!

KU Medwest Happy Hour Shower!
Hostesses: Anh Vinh and Brenda Almaguer

Everyone from the office came! And my dad made an entrance too!

Nothing like a happy hour shower to make a baby shower a little more fun!!

My sweet friends and hostesses of my shower- thank you :)

Kendra, my awesome nurse...what would I do without you??!

KU Hospital Shower
Hostesses: Becca Bohanan and Kristen Estrada

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a giant.

Thank you to the sweet residents and nurses who came to support me and Beau-bot!

Jake always there with me. Man I love this guy!!

Overland Park Church Shower
Hostesses: Camille Potchad, Meaghan Briscoe, Dondee Eberhart, Jody King, Patricia Niswanger, and Lori Clendenen

My fun sisters who came all the way from South Carolina and Dallas to be there! Abigail was my little gift opening helper. This was her first shower with the girls and she just fits right in!

I love these two! Thanks Mom and Joneal for EVERYTHING you do and have done to help me get ready for his arrival!!

Love my diaper bag. So fun.

My awesome hostesses and best buddies threw me the best cowboy shower complete with cowboy boots, hats, and baby books about cowboy stuff! And of course, baby cakes cupcakes are always a winner- yum. I love y'all- thank you so much!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Has it already been 7 months??!!

I'm 29 weeks now and starting to feel that way! I feel great...and big! It's really strange to feel your belly touch your legs when you sit...and Jake definitely thinks it's funny. We both get a giggle every time I struggle to sit up or bend over. And little Beau-bot is more active than ever! He is constantly moving and twisting and kicking. It is kinda distracting when I am talking with my patients about serious things and he tickles my ribs with a big kick- then I want to stop talking and watch him move. My patient's probably wouldn't be too excited about watching my pregnant belly and waiting for another big kick, but maybe I'll find a patient who will do that with me in the middle of their visit:)

My mom and I have found our fabric and bought all the pieces...we just need to get started! We'll probably get going on making everything in a few weeks. For now I just stare at it and think it's cute. Here is a picture of the 3 fabrics we are going to use to make the crib bedding.

Mom, Katelyn, Joneal(she's snapping the picture:) and I all went to Canton, Texas for the trade show...and got some deals! I bought some true Texas decor for Beau's room and mom bought him my cowhide rug that will go on his floor. I know, outside of the box to have a real cow skin on your baby's floor, but it's really soft! I love it! Joneal got lil Beau-legged a painting of a cowboy to go on his wall. I will show pictures of all this stuff once my baby room is not a guest room anymore!

And then we had our baby...just kidding. This is me with my good friend Lori's new little boy, Lawson. So precious. Watching how a little baby just looks around and soaks up his new world was so never ceases to amaze me that those babies are created by God and live in us for 9 months! Every time I hold a baby it blows me away- it's truly a miracle.

It's PBR time!! Jake and I have gone to the rodeo or the PBR 4 out of our last 5 years of marriage, and we love it. This was Beau's first rodeo so he needed to go in style- these are my new boots Jake got me for Valentine's Day.

Livin' it up at the Power and Light district...went home at 9:30 :-)

Our favorite part of the night, icees for $1 at the Sprint Center!!! Yum.


We watched a bull rider named "Beau"- he didn't win but we loved that our little cowboy has a bull ridin' name!

Stay tuned for another update soon! I will have 2 showers in the next 2 weeks, one at work and one at church. I feel so blessed to have such great friends that are doing this for us. It is so fun to share all this baby joy with y'all!!