Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last month!

Here I am...37 weeks...maybe 3 more weeks to go. We'll see what Baby Beau has to say about that!

Still doing prenatal yoga. I love this class! I have been doing yoga since I was 18 weeks along. It is harder than you would think...or maybe I'm just pregnant and carrying a wee bit more weight to balance and hold in those lunges :)

Jake had me use Grandma Gerty's chair to go up the stairs at Nan and Bop's house. Trying to take it easy so I don't go into labor during Jake's finals the next 2 weeks!!

Here is my sweet mom sewing the bedskirt onto the crib. There were some extra poles and bolts, and she had to hand sew around them on her knees after the skirt was in place. She is amazing!!!

Jake and Granny Janny always working together. They make a pretty good team doing house projects :)'s done!!! Here are some pictures of Beau's room!

Didn't Mom did an AWESOME job on the crib bedding and curtains!?! I absolutely love it. I could not have bought something half this cute- thank you Mom!

This is my armoire- my first faux painting project!

Only your mom will add sweet touches like this on your bedskirt.

This is Beau- legged. He and Beau- dacious will share this room.

Here we are! It's hard to believe that there will be a BABY in that crib soon!


  1. Sooooooo cute, guys! You and y'all's little baby's room is precious! Love you three :)

  2. I Love It! It is so great. You should send pictures into some baby magazine. Can't wait to me Beau!

  3. This is the cutest baby room! Your mom did a super job. Everything looks just perfect... amd just so ready for that little Buckeroo! Great sewing job, Nana!
    I love your colors and the fabric is so awesome. You did a wonderful job on the armoire. I can't believe it's been any other color it looks so great that way. Can't wait to see it in person and to rock baby Beau in his rocker. Fun!

  4. OH my goodness! The room is adorable I love all of the details and can't wait to see it in person. I am praying for you guys that Beau waits a few more weeks until daddy can finish school.

  5. AHHHH!!! Your belly is sooo precious! You look great! Way to go mama and daddy! Good luck with the delivery. You will do great! We are praying for yall. Can't wait for you to bring the little cowboy to TEXAS where he belongs! :)

  6. SOOOOOO cute! I LOVE it! And Baby Beau is going to love it too! So good to see you the other day. You look fantastic and I am just so excited for you and Jake. Hang in there for these last few days!!

  7. You look great and the room is adorable. Enjoy your last couple of weeks!

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